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Services For Small Businesses

We offer a wide array of services across all industries to satisfy your business needs. 


Recording, classifying, and organizing your businesses financial transactions including purchase orders, receipts, invoices, and the like to keep the overview of your business up-to-date.

Tax Preparation

Federal, state, and sales tax preparation services for all small businesses entities (sole proprietor, LLC, and S Corp.).  Form completion for tax exempt entities available as well.

Cost-Profit Analysis

An in depth look at the revenue of your business and the goods and/or services you provide as well as price points to ensure your business is profitable.

Financial Statements

Financial statement preparation including statements of cash flow, profit and loss, income, and balance sheet.

Tax Planning

Assessment of your financial situation to implement strategies that minimize your tax liability. Thoughtful and proactive planning with changes to your financial situation in mind.

Financial Forecasting

Developing predictions for the future of your business through scrutiny of its trends. Coupling this information with a strategy to implement for achieving short and long term goals.

General Business Consulting

Professional advice to help your company achieve short or long term goals, streamline processes, and make business operations more efficient,

Business Start-Up Consulting

Assistance with starting a new business venture including formal tasks, industry research, project development,  and other relevant details.

What Our Clients Say



I would like to personally thank Charnea of Accurate Accounting LLC. As a small business owner doing contract work for the past 3 years, it is difficult to navigate your tax liability without an accountant who you can trust to be honest about your business finances.

I highly recommend Accurate Accounting LLC for your tax and accounting needs!

—  Nichole Childers, MSOD  —
President/Owner of ELT Consulting, LLC

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